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December 26, 2013 Love4JLK

Christmas… We couldn’t have pulled it off without help from family/friends. Friends who wrapped presents and family who stayed here til 1am Christmas Eve to help assemble and move furniture. We got our new couch…our new snuggle spot…I love it. I am sitting on it right now. Will this be the place she takes her […]

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December 23, 2013 Love4JLK

Expectations… are a waste of time and always seem to be wrong. Yet I cannot stop myself from having them. i expected the last day of radiation to be a celebration. For me it was anything but. Because now we do nothing…At least during treatment I felt like we were fighting, like we were doing […]

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pillow fight

December 20, 2013 Love4JLK

Tonight is our last night here in our little apartment. Even if radiation doesn’t happen tomorrow we won’t need a overnight here. I am glad that she will be happy to be done. Radiation is hard on a little body. But now I have to share her everyday…and she has to share me. I miss […]

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December 19, 2013 Love4JLK

Firsts and lasts. I feel like thats my everyday. First and lasts. Radiation went amazingly well. Beforehand todays anesthesiologist pulled me out to say it was up to us if we wanted to cancel or not. That the way JLK is when asleep for radiation is the hardest case they have seen. Just her breathing […]

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4 eyes

December 18, 2013 Love4JLK

Up and down…up and down. Thats our everyday. This morning was a rougher one again. Radiation should be very quick. Today took 1.5 hours for Jennifer. Breathing difficulty again. Because she has already been cancelled so much and we are so close to the end they kept at. Going into recovery today she was still […]

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December 17, 2013 Love4JLK

*****Before I journal I want to explain that we move the emphasis of fundraising over to¬† The reason for that is the website/foundation gives us 100% of the donations. Also people that donate can get a tax write off…We are trying to add to that site all the money from the gofund me site….I wanted […]

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December 12, 2013 Love4JLK

Last night was long. Teething baby made for little sleep but I woke up to this sight next to me. How could it not be a great day ahead……….. Then getting into the car she fell. I was getting the baby in, I didn’t see it. But the sound of her crying tore into me. […]

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December 11, 2013 Love4JLK

Her laugh. Its just the greatest. And since all of this really got going its changed. Its gotten stronger and deeper and wider. She just lets it free and I can just see the person making her laugh feels powerful and wonderful. Its a little gift she gives… I hope I never forget the sound […]

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December 10, 2013 Love4JLK

Woke up 45 minutes late today and almost didn’t catch up for the rest of our day. We made to good time to the hospital and it was a good day to be running behind because the machine was down so we ended up waiting for them to be ready for her still. Today was […]

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grand marshal

December 9, 2013 Love4JLK

Last night was our little towns holiday parade. We have gone since we moved here and loved it every time. It has embodied what I love so much about Gilroy…its intimate and simple, made for kids and a just a touch cheesy! When we were told there was a possibility JLK could be the grand […]

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